Pricing Policy

The purpose of this Price Policy is to make available to the Client the Online Rates valid for supply points with 2.0TD and 3.0TD access rates.

Electric supply price
Fixed Rate

When contracting fixed-price rates, the supply price will be the one specified in the Particular Conditions of this Contract.

Access rates 2.0TD
Period P1 P2 P3
Energy (€/kWh) 0.2318 0.16525 0.12634
Power (€/kW/año) 28 5.164197
Access rates 3.0TD
Period P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Energy (€/kWh)** 0.3352 0.3324 0.3122 0.3023 0.2873 0.2786
Power (€/kW/año)** 19.596985 13.781919 7.005384 6.106183 4.399377 2.636993
Promotions 20% in the term of energy**

** Discount of 20% on the energy term applicable during the first year of validity of the electricity supply contract.

According to the provisions of Circular 3/2020 of January 15, 2020, Order TED/371/2021 of April 19, and the CNMC Resolution of March 18, the new access fees are introduced, which will be applied to new contracts from June 1, 2021. Current customers with a contract prior to June 1, 2021 will be applied the fixed prices reflected in the electricity bills that will be reviewed and adjusted according to the market.

The new regulated costs to be applied are specified in Order TED/1484/2021 and the Resolution of the CNMC of December 16, 2021. The entry into force of the Order will take place on January 1, 2022 and will have effects until April 30, 2022. For more information you can consult it here.

Indirect taxes, Electricity Tax, reactive energy and the rest of the billing items indicated will be added to these prices. Rates valid for contracts from 06/01/2022.

The variations that occur in the regulated components that are applicable to it, as well as new ones that may appear, will be transferred to the client, both upwards and downwards. Prices may be updated, every January 1 , with the value of the real CPI (Latest National General Interannual Consumer Price Index officially published at the time of the update).The downward or upward variations in access rates and tolls, fees and in the regulated securities that may be approved by the Administration for application during the contract, based on Royal Decree 1164/2001 and Order IET/2735/2015.

Indexed Rate

Indexed Price = [(OMIE + AJUSTES + RO + CO) x (1 + PR(%)) + FNEE + BS] x (1 + CD(%)) + ATR

OMIE = Average price for each rate period of the matching result of the Spanish daily electricity market

RO = Remuneration of system operators (REE) and market operators (OMIE)

PR(%) = Losses of the transmission and distribution networks

BS = Contribution to the social bond

ATR = Access tolls

AJUSTES = Includes, among other terms, the costs of adjustment services, interruptibility, capacity payments, and other concepts of the energy supplied in the daily market

CO = Operational Cost of Marketing defined in the particular conditions

FNEE = National Energy Efficiency Fund

CD(%) = Cost of deviations

Additionally, LUMISA will invoice a monthly amount of €3.9, for management expenses by LUMISA.

For the configuration of prices, the ATRs provided for in Circular 3/2020, of January 15, which establishes the methodology for calculating electricity transmission and distribution tolls and Real Decree 148/2021, of March 9, which establishes the methodology for calculating charges for the electricity system.

The variations that occur in the access tolls, charges, taxes and/or any of the taxes that are applicable, even newly created ones, will be passed on to the client, upwards or downwards as appropriate.

Indirect taxes, the Electricity Tax, reactive energy and the rest of the billing concepts indicated will be added to these prices. The billing of reactive energy, if applicable, will be carried out by applying the billing term of Reactive energy tested by the Administration, as established in current regulations. The Electricity Tax will be applied to this supplement.

Meter rental price

The monthly rental price of the electricity meter will be the one set at any time by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for the corresponding access rate and charged by the Distribution Company, to which VAT will be added and will be indicated on the invoices issued by LUMISA.

Contract Duration

The duration of this contract is 12 months from the date the supply begins. The contract may be extended for successive years in accordance with the General Conditions.

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