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Why choose Lumisa? Our main objective is to save for you

alt="Clean energy" title="Clean energy">

Clean energy

We are aware of the importance that renewable energies are charging, that's why we only buy clean energy because we want to take care of the environment and our future.

alt="Fair rates" title="Fair rates">

Fair rates

In Lumisa there are fair rates for everyone. We offer a fair price for each access fee and we help you choose the one that best suits you.

alt="Simplicity" title="Simplicity">


We want to make things easier for you, so that you enjoy a service thought and done for you. Therefore, all our procedures can be processed from home and through your PC or mobile.

alt="Optimal savings" title="Optimal savings">

Optimal savings

We know that the price of energy fluctuates in the energy market and it is a risk that we want to assume for you, let us offer you the best fixed price in the market and do not worry about it.

What we offer? Our different services

Free telephone service

Through our customer service phone, we can help you with any management: modification of the administrative title and ATR or contractual conditions, study of power modification, control of real readings, among others.

Online procedures and electronic invoicing

If you are our client, you can also manage everything through our customer area. In addition, we attend any management via email.

Failure tracking

If you have a breakdown, you can leave us in charge of the follow-up. We will always try our best to solve it and keep you informed by SMS, email, phone or postal mail.

Call 900 811 473 or we will call you whenever you want