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Join us and enjoy our benefits and promotions. Start saving on your electricity bill with Lumisa Energies.

Without ties or commitments

Because trust is the foundation of any relationship, feel free to stay or leave at any time.

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Without any management fees. In addition, we call you for free to answer any questions. Everything is simple and transparent!

No blackouts at any time!

Don't worry, you won't be left in the dark for a single minute during the exchange!


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Choose one electricity rate

At Lumisa we offer the right rates for you, which are at an affordable price and with exceptional conditions.

Fixed price

Fixed rate

With the fixed rate you will always pay a fixed annual price for the energy you consume and the contracted power without worrying about increases or decreases in the price of electricity.

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • No permanence
  • No additional costs
  • Flexible rate change
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Cost price Popular

Indexed rate

With the indexed rate you will pay for the energy consumed at the price set by the electricity market, plus a small fee of €3.9/month for management expenses.

  • Quota at cost price
  • Without permanence
  • Management fee of €3.9/month
  • Flexible rate change
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Self-consumption Virtual Battery

With the Virtual Battery, save up to 100% of your bill by offsetting your surpluses

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