Say goodbye to gas heating with Aerothermal and reduce your energy costs

Discover how our Aerothermal services can transform your home into a more efficient space

Our benefits

The aerothermal system can generate up to three times more energy than it consumes by efficiently harnessing the thermal energy of the outside air, providing heating, cooling and hot water.


Reduce your energy costs with our aerothermal systems, which are more efficient than traditional systems.

Custom installation

We have highly trained professionals to install your aerothermal system.

Clean energy

Contributes to caring for the environment by using a renewable energy source and reducing carbon emissions.

Subsidies and aid

Take advantage of the subsidies and aid to install Aerotermia with savings of up to 3.000 €

What do we offer?

Si estás buscando una solución completa para tu hogar, nuestra opción de Calefacción, Refrigeración y Agua Caliente Sanitaria (ACS) es la elección perfecta.


The heat pump takes advantage of the thermal energy of the outside air, using it to heat the air in the heating system.


Aerothermal refrigeration uses the thermal energy of the air to cool spaces efficiently.

Domestic hot water

You will have hot water available when you need it, without increasing your energy costs.


Install Aerotermia with the Kosner system

At Lumisa we trust in the Kosner aertoermia range to offer high quality solutions. The most efficient system to heat or air-condition spaces that uses air as an energy source. A single solution for all energy demands (heating, cooling and domestic hot water) and up to 70% less on your electricity bill.


How do we carry out your aerothermal installation?

Our aerothermal installation is an advanced solution that will change the way you experience air conditioning in your home or business.

Initial evaluation
We perform a thorough evaluation of your needs and your space to determine the best aerothermal solution for your home or business.
Equipment selection
We carefully select the aerothermal system that adapts to your heating, cooling and domestic hot water requirements.
Advice on subsidies and bonuses
We help you find the subsidies and personal income tax deductions available in your area, benefiting you from up to €3,000 per installation through the Next Generation European Funds.
Professional installation
Our highly trained team installs the aerothermal system on your property, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.
Once installed, we configure and start up the aerothermal system so that it is ready for immediate use.
Enjoy energy efficiency 🎉
Once the installation and configuration is complete, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable and sustainable environment in your home or business, with significant savings in your energy consumption.

Finance your aerothermal system in easy installments

LUMISA, through the BBVA entity and subject to its authorization, facilitates the payment of the cost of the installation of the aerothermal system and the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerothermal is an advanced air conditioning and heating system that uses the thermal energy present in the outside air to regulate the interior temperature of a building.

Its operation is based on the principle of a heat pump, which extracts heat from the surrounding air, even in low temperature conditions, and transfers it to the home's heating system. This process involves the compression and expansion of a refrigerant to efficiently transfer heat from outside to inside.

The cost of aerothermal installation may vary depending on the specific needs of your home or company. Contact us through our customer service email to obtain a personalized quote that fits your heating requirements and hot water.

Yes, we provide financing options through BBVA Bank to make the transition to aerothermal systems more accessible. Our goal is to help our clients take advantage of the advantages of renewable energy in an affordable way.

You can easily request a quote by contacting our customer service team at Please provide details about your home or business so we can offer you the best solution.

Existen distintos tipos de ayudas y subvenciones para los sistemas de aerotermia, puesto que es una tecnología que reduce el gasto energético y está preparada para la transición energética. Aprovecha las siguientes subvenciones y ayudas para instalar Aerotermia:
  • Deducción sobre el IRPF. Al instalar aerotermia entre octubre de 2021 y diciembre de 2024 podrás deducir hasta 3.000 € sobre el IRPF en la declaración de la renta.
  • Los Fondos Europeos Next Generation, destinados a la recuperación económica, están posibilitando que las Comunidades Autónomas otorguen subvenciones para la implementación de sistemas de aerotermia, con un monto de 500€/kW, hasta un límite máximo de 3.000€ por instalación. Aunque el plazo para el año 2023 podría haber concluido, es común que se realicen convocatorias anuales.

No, although both systems can use heat pump technology, aerothermal is designed for heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water, while air conditioning focuses specifically on cooling the air.

A Fan coil is a device used in aerothermal systems to distribute air conditioning or heating efficiently in an interior space. It works by means of a fan that circulates air through a coil.

DHW refers to Domestic Hot Water. Aerothermal systems can provide hot water for domestic use, supplying taps, showers and other hot water points in the home.

It can be integrated with existing systems, but it is important to consult with a professional to evaluate compatibility and make the necessary adaptations.

Yes, aerothermal can work with conventional radiator systems. However, it may be necessary to adapt or change some elements of the system to optimize its performance.

By choosing our company, you will benefit from efficient and sustainable systems that reduce energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, you can enjoy long-term savings on your energy costs.

Yes, we offer comprehensive solutions that include the installation of aerothermal, solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles. We can customize a plan that adapts to all your energy needs.