Virtual Battery

With our self-consumption Virtual Battery you will be able to make the most of the surpluses of your photovoltaic installation and save up to 100% of your electricity bill.

Our benefits

Our Virtual Battery is a piggy bank where you can accumulate surplus energy generated and not compensated by your photovoltaic installation. These surpluses (kWh) will be converted into a balance in euros. In this way you can use the accumulated balance in the Battery Virtual to reduce your next electricity bill for your supplies.


Accumulate your surpluses in the Virtual Battery and compensate it in your next electricity bills with Lumisa.

No expiration

The energy generated and not compensated by your installation does not expire. You can use it whenever you want!


We compensate the excess energy generated and not consumed that you keep in your Virtual Battery at €0.08/kWh.


Free Service

At Lumisa we do not charge you anything for the Virtual Battery service. With our service you will be able to save as much as possible on your photovoltaic installation. We will not charge you management or cancellation fees on your electricity bills. Do not hesitate any longer and activate the service of Virtual Battery.

How does it work?

From now on you will not only be able to compensate your excess energy from your photovoltaic installation in the electricity grid, but you will also be able to accumulate all the surplus generated and not compensated and save up to 100% on your electricity bill.

Automatic Activation of Virtual Battery
f you have a photovoltaic installation, we will take care of activating it automatically so that you can benefit from the service.
Produce energy in your installation
Your photovoltaic installation produces energy during daylight hours. Part of this energy is consumed in your home or business, and the other part is used to compensate surpluses.
Accumulate balance in the Virtual Battery
The rest of the surpluses that could not be compensated will be accumulated in your Virtual Battery, and will be converted into an amount in euros.
Save on your electricity bill
Once the balance has accumulated in your Virtual Battery or piggy bank, you can spend it on your next Lumisa electricity bill. You can also transfer it to other supplies, as long as you own it.
Enjoy all its benefits 🎉
You can save up to 100% on your electricity bill. And if you still haven't spent your Virtual Battery balance, you can accumulate it for future bills, since this balance does not expire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The only requirements that you must meet to enjoy the Virtual Battery service will be to have a contract with Lumisa Energías and to have a photovoltaic installation that is eligible for simplified compensation.

The Virtual Battery service is automatic, we will take care of activating it automatically as long as you meet the requirements to benefit from the service.

No, the Virtual Battery service is totally free so you can make the most of your surplus and save on your electricity bill.

We compensate the excess energy generated and not consumed that you store in your Virtual Battery at €0.08/kWh.

The compensation limit on your electricity bill is when your consumption reaches 0 €.

Yes, as long as you maintain ownership of the electricity supply contract in your name

No, the surpluses accumulated in the Virtual Battery do not have an expiration date. As long as you have a contract with us, you can use them whenever you want. But remember that if you unsubscribe, you must spend them before the end of your contract so as not to lose them.

Yes, even though your photovoltaic installation has a physical battery, with the Virtual Battery you can also take advantage of the surpluses generated by your installation when your physical battery is already full.

No, you can cancel it whenever you want and we won't apply cancellation fees.