Save in your company with solar energy

Increase the profits of your business or industrial warehouse by producing your own energy and promoting the use of sustainable energies.

Our benefits

At Lumisa Energies we offer the installation of photovoltaic panels for companies and industrial buildings.


Consume solar energy from your panels and receive financial compensation for the surpluses you pour into the grid.


Enjoy tax advantages for your warehouse or company and compensation for surplus electricity production.

No initial investment

Through the PPA energy purchase contract you will obtain an agreed price for energy in the long term.

Without initial investment

Model PPA contract

If you do not want to make the investment directly, you can convert the roof of your company into a photovoltaic plant through the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). It is the perfect solution to save from the first day with the installation of solar panels in the industrial sector.

What services do we offer?

The industrial photovoltaic solar energy service offers a complete solution, adapted to your consumption and optimizing your profitability and savings, so that you can benefit from the energy you pour into the network.

Feasibility of the installation
We analyze the feasibility of installing your company or industrial warehouse and prepare a proposal according to your needs.
Free estimate and no obligation
We will show you several budgets so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
Management and legalization
Our installers will take care of all legal procedures, which depending on the location and type may include building permits and administrative authorizations.
Advice on subsidies and bonuses
We help you find the subsidies and tax credits available in your area.
Installation of solar panels
After approving the budget, we will install your solar panels in your industrial warehouse or company.
Now you will be able to self-produce your own clean energy and sell the surpluses that you pour into the network.