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Promotion Friend

Share your invite code with your friends and you'll both get 100 kWh for free. And if you don't spend them, accumulate them to enjoy them the following month.

Get your Invitation Code
You will find it in the invoices issued by Lumisa, in the “PROMOTIONS” section (Ex: COMP6571)
Recommend us to your friends
Share your Code with your friends and family! You can share it as many times as you want.
Contract with your code
To benefit from this Promotion it will be essential to enter the Invitation Code in the online booking form.
Enjoy your discounts
Every time a friend or relative signs up with your Invitation Code, you and your friend will enjoy a discount of 100 kWh on the energy term on your bill with Lumisa Energies.

**For the Participants to benefit from this Promotion it will be essential that the Incoming customer enter the Promotional Code in the form online contracting. For more information consult our Particular conditions of the Friend Promotion.

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Resolve your doubts through our customer service channel.